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Short workshops

Creation in the Macramé Technique

You have probably heard about the knot theory (the study of mathematical knots). The ancient technique of knotting in different patterns is named macramé. In this workshop you will learn some basic knots and make beautiful and useful things, such as key chains and bracelets.


Homemade Bath Bomb

Don’t only nourish your mind but also your body. Bath bomb making is like creating a fizzy wonderland for your bathtub! You get to mix together different colours and scents to make a mini - explosion of relaxation in your tub. And when it’s ready, you will be so excited to jump in and soak your worries away. It’s like a party in your bath!

Homemade Lip Balm

Making lip balm is like whipping up a delicious treat for your lips! You get to mix and match different flavours and ingredients to create the perfect recipe, such as beeswax and castor oil. And when you’re done, you’ll be ready to take the world on with a confident smile!

Mandal’s Drawing

If you’re feeling creative, you should let it out in this workshop, where you will learn how to draw mandalas. Once you know the basic steps of how to draw a mandala, you have the freedom to express yourself by choosing whatever shape and colour you like. Mandalas are also very great tools for meditation and increasing self-awareness.

Colourful Bookmarks

Let’s make EGMO more colourful. At this workshop, you can create interesting bookmarks that will accompany you while reading books long after the Olympiad is over and remind you of all the good times you experienced here.



Who doesn't like to play badminton? It is a fun way to release stress and frustration. So, grab your racket and get ready to smash... or gently tap, whichever suits your style.


Long workshops

An Afternoon Sightseeing Walk

Take a leisurely stroll by the sea. On the walk you will enjoy the view of the sea and old streets of Piran. You will be able to take some picturesque photos of Tartini square, city walls, city gates, the church that overlooks the gulf of Trieste and the lighthouse.

The Magical World of Shells

The Museum of Shells and Snails is a unique museum that holds 3000 different specimens of shellfish and snails from the seas and continents all over the world. You can see the shell of the biggest snail in the world, shells of snails so rare that only tribal chiefs of distant islands were allowed to wear, shiny shells that were once used for buying slaves, shells with amazing patterns, pearls, ...

Tartini House

Giuseppe Tartini was a composer and violinist of the Baroque era. His most famous piece is the Violin sonata in G minor, more familiarly known as the Devil's Trill Sonata. He was born in Piran, where the main square is named after him in his memory. One of the oldest buildings in Piran is now called Tartini House. It is a museum where you can see his violin, death mask, letters, and other belongings.

Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum speaks of the oldest sea routes and links between the inhabitants of the Slovene part of the Adriatic coast and the inhabitants of the neighbouring coasts from prehistory onwards. The artefacts are displayed under a glass paving, which represents the surface of the sea. You can find out more about the town of Piran and its strong connection to the sea and Saint George (patron of Piran) there.

Aquarium Piran

There is a small aquarium in Piran, where you can admire varied species from the North Adriatic Sea. Many fish species of fish are kept in the aquarium, the most attractive of which are the moraine fish, eel, and seahorse.

Museum of Underwater Activities

Do you want to know more about how people were diving 100 years ago? In the Museum of Underwater Activities, the historic diving suits and other unique diving equipment are on display. Explore the wonderful underwater world full of secrets, mythological creatures and treasures.